Pixel Pioneers

PixelPlay Studios is a burgeoning game development company with a unique concept for an animated series set within their gaming universe. In 2023, they approached our animation studio, "Infinite Frames Animation," to produce the pilot episode of "Pixel Pioneers: The Animated Adventure." The show aimed to introduce viewers to the rich lore and characters of their gaming world while creating a new avenue for fan engagement.


PixelPlay Studios




3D animation, VFX



"Infinite Frames Animation exceeded our expectations with 'Pixel Pioneers: The Animated Adventure.' Their dedication to capturing the essence of our gaming universe and bringing it to life in animation was truly remarkable. The pilot episode not only resonated with our existing player community but also attracted a new audience to our gaming platform. It has ignited excitement for the potential animated series and new opportunities for our brand. We couldn't be happier with the outcome, and we look forward to continuing our creative partnership."

Ashley, CEO, PixelPlay Studios

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