UrbanEats Food Delivery

UrbanEats Inc. is a startup poised to disrupt the food delivery industry with its innovative approach to connecting local restaurants with hungry customers. In 2023, they approached our creative agency, "CineBlend Productions," seeking assistance in launching their new food delivery service with an attention-grabbing commercial.


UrbanEats Inc.




Video Production and Digital Marketing Strategy



"Working with your Productions on our 'UrbanEats Food Delivery Service Launch' commercial was a game-changer for our startup. They not only understood our vision but also translated it into a visually stunning and emotionally compelling video that resonated with our target audience. The commercial played a pivotal role in our rapid growth, helping us secure valuable partnerships and attract a significant user base. We couldn't have asked for a better creative partner, and we look forward to continued collaboration."

Sarah Rodriguez Founder & CEO, UrbanEats Inc.

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